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Do you have a DJ in the family, but not the equipment.  Look no further.  Hyde's Professional DJ & Event Services has everything you need to do it yourself.  We have a Full DJ system including powered 15 Mackie Thump speakers, Speaker Stands, Numark DJing Console, Microphone, and all of the necessary wires.  We bring the equipment to you and pickup after the event.  This system can also be used to play music off an Ipod, so you don't even need a DJ.  Entire System including drop off, setup, and teardown for Only $275.00

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Here's a simple solution to PA sound at your next presentation.  The 40 Watt Sampson Expedition is perfect for meetings, classrooms, outdoor events, small auditoriums, or even at a small party.  This is the ultimate portable PA system with a rechargeable battery, onboard iPod dock, and built-in wireless microphone system.  This system including drop off, setup, and pickup for only $45.00 depending on travel distance.


We also rent :


Karaoke Machines

Fog Machines

Speaker Stands


6ft and 8ft table.

White linen for round tables.

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